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IBM WebSphere MQ v7

IBM WebSphere MQ v7

This is a 3 days course that will enable students to get comprehensive knowledge of WebSphere MQV7. This course is mainly designed for the administrators, architects, developers who have been working on WebSphere MQV6.0 and are willing to learn and grasp the new enhancements in WebSphere MQV7

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  • Course Outline
    Administration | Application development | Usage or operation

Below are the contents for all the five Days.

Day 1

  • Unit 1 Overview and Architecture of WebSphere MQV7
  • Unit 2 Enhancement in JMS Interface
  • Unit 3 Publish/Subscribe Concepts
  • Exercise 1 Publish/Subscribe Administration

Day 2

  • Unit 4 Publish/Subscribe Security aspects in WebSphere MQV7
  • Exercise 2 Publish/Subscribe Security
  • Unit 5 Implementation of Publish/Subscribe with the MQ API
  • Exercise 3 Implementation of Publish/Subscribe with the MQ API
  • Unit 6 More MQI Enhancements

Day 3

  • Exercise 4 Implementation of Asynchronous Messages in WebSphere MQV7
  • Unit 7 New MQSC commands and changes in the MQ Explorer
  • Exercise 5 Using some new commands and MQ Explorer
  • Unit 8 Z/OS Enhancements
  • Unit 9 Client Enhancements
  • Unit 10 Migration

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