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Websphere ESB

WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus

Enterprise Service Bus Connects Anything to Everything
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is an adaptable connectivity infrastructure for integrating applications and services, enabling the development of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and BPM applications to help connect service providers with service consumers to create new business systems.

It is especially optimized for the WebSphere Application Server platform and could be ideal for you if you are also using WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Commerce, or the BPM platform.

How you’ll benefit

  • ESB enables point-to-point connectivity by validating availability of applications, reliability, capacity, language compatibility and most importantly security
  • Reduce cost and increase business performance by simplifying integration and connectivity with greater service visibility and governance.
  • Especially optimized for WAS and BPM platform
  • Improved system response times and input with calls storage.
  • Fast, scalable, and adaptable infrastructure for service mediation, hosting, visibility, and control.
  • Built-in graphical mapping tools for typical data transformation.
  • Seamlessly integrate existing WAS, SOA and BPM environments for integrated SOA platform.
  • Provides governance.


WebSphere ESB WebSphere Message Broker WebSphere Data Power
Speed Fast Faster Fastest
Built on WebSphere Application Server right-arrow    
Rack-Mountable Appliance     right-arrow
Available on Wide Range of Platforms right-arrow right-arrow  
Federates Other ESBs right-arrow right-arrow right-arrow
WebSphere Transformation Extender Option right-arrow right-arrow right-arrow
Transactional Mediation Flows right-arrow right-arrow right-arrow
Dynamic Service Lookup at Run Time right-arrow right-arrow right-arrow
Adapters for Enterprise Applications right-arrow right-arrow  
Database Read/Write right-arrow right-arrow right-arrow
Non-IBM JMS Messaging Systems right-arrow right-arrow right-arrow
TIBCO Rendezvous   right-arrow  
Mobile and Telemetry Devices   right-arrow  
Multicast Output (Native)   right-arrow right-arrow

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