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WebSphere Message Broker, DataPower, WSSR, and ODM power in SOA Infrastructure

A popular ESB processing patterns solution for large enterprises is to combine the strengths of WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere DataPower XML security Gateway, WebSphere Service Registry and Repository, and ODM. Royal Cyber has been working for a long time to leverage the combined power and value of these products, and finally ready to offer its services to the demanding enterprises. Furthermore, Royal Cyber MonitorPro’s implementation to the solution fills the lack of a monitoring solution of the entire enterprise infrastructure.


The value and strength you get out of the solution:

  • Efficient High volume transactions.
  • Large XML transformation at wire speed.
  • WS-Security Gateway enables critical data security.
  • Service End point look up.
  • See, decide, and modify rules on in flight data.
  • Transform, route, and augment messages to desperate systems.


Service offerings:

  • Integration Architecture design
  • Installation on DEV, QA, UAT, and PROD environments
    • Message Broker components
    • WSSR
    • ODM
    • DataPower Box Setup
    • Development
      • WS-Proxy
      • Transformation and routing
      • HTTP front side handler
      • Schema artifacts publishing
      • Message Flows artifacts
      • Database connectivity
      • Rule creation in JRule Studio
      • Administration
        • DP proxy service administration
        • AAA
        • Policy enforcement
        • Service Registry & Repository
        • WMQ/WMB
        • RTS/RES
        • DBA


Royal Cyber also provides its clients a long term comprehensive support packages.


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