IBM Integration Bus is a compatible evolution of WebSphere Message Broker that is designed to incorporate features that are found in WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. IBM Integration Bus provides a universal integration capability that addresses a wide range of integration scenarios. This version comes with increased productivity, simplicity of tool, better and improved features & enhancements and better monitoring of the over integration hub.

New Features in Integration Bus 10

  • Simplified Installation Process

  • No Longer Requires MQ as a Prerequisite

  • Enhanced Web User Interface

  • Processing MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) Messages

  • Shared Libraries

  • REST API Project with Swagger

  • Flexible Interaction with WebSphere MQ

  • Flexible Administration Security

  • Secured Connections to WebSphere MQ

  • JavaScript Client API

  • The Connector Framework

  • Enhanced Unit and Regression Testing Capabilities

  • Patterns and Samples stored on GitHub

  • IIB in the Cloud (IPaaS)

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