IBM API Connect - Fundamental

16 hrs

Course Overview

This course explains API developers to develop, publish, manage, and secure APIs with IBM API Connect V5.0.

Course Objectives

  • Explain the role of IBM API Connect V5.0 in digital ecosystem

  • Create an application on the Developer Portal which uses an API

  • Identify API creation, manage, run, and secure features in IBM API Connect V5

  • Define an API interface using the API Designer

  • Secure an API with OAuth 2.0 authorization

  • Assemble API message flows in API Designer

  • Create an API with API Connect toolkit

  • Call an existing system API

  • Deploy an API as a Node.js LoopBack application

  • Publish API and API Products with API Management Server

Pre Requisites

  • Before taking this course, you should have a general knowledge of application programming interfaces, Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture, and Node.js programming. To acquire this knowledge, students can attend the following self-paced course
  • VY102 ERC 2.0: Developing REST APIs with Node.js for IBM Bluemix.

Key Topics

Day 1
  • Course introduction
  • Unit 1. Introduction to IBM API Connect V5.0
  • Unit 2. Create an API with the API Connect toolkit
  • Exercise 1. Introduction to IBM API Connect
  • Unit 3. Define an API with the API Designer
Day 2
  • Unit 4. Implement an API as a Node.js Loopback application
  • Exercise 2. Create a LoopBack application
  • Unit 5. Implement and publish LoopBack API applications
  • Exercise 3. Customize and deploy an application
  • Unit 6. Secure an API with security definitions
Day 3
  • Exercise 4. Configure and secure an API
  • Unit 7. Assemble an API in the API Designer
  • Exercise 5. Advanced API assembly
  • Unit 8. Publish APIs
  • Exercise 6. Working with API Products
Day 4
  • Unit 9. Use an API through the Developer Portal
  • Exercise 7. API consumer experience
  • Unit 10. Exercise case study
  • Unit 11. Course summary